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Sun Nov 19 21:16:56 PST 2000

Thank you to the Autocrats ( Lady Birgitta and Lady Phelissattee) of our Barony for braving the cold and making sure that everything was just right for the event. These
ladies worked very hard and it was their first event to autocrat. They did a really great job and work until they dropped. Thank you to our King and Queen and B and B for
making sure the people people was entertained and happy. Thank you for a great feast cooked, I hear the feast of really good. To Lady Isbella a big vitvat! For warming
people up and filling their stomachs. For all those who helped at gate in the cold and not letting our autocrats down despite the rain and cold. The barony and visitors had
a lot of fun because of these people and the warm love from all of the guest. It was fun watching the wet fighters playing in the cold rain and falling as they died in the
puddle soaked ground. That is when you see guys raise from the dead really quick! Thank you Baroness Amber Lea for the songs you sang to the group.  :) Thank you for all
those who came and had hot apple cider and hot cocoa. It was nice to spend time with you and visit with me. One other thing the best part of the event. Countess Mistress
Tessa of the Garden receiving her AOA. Yes She is now Lady Countess Mistress Tessa of the Gardens! VITVAT! Lady Tessa! ;)
Marguerite ;)

LrdWayland at wrote:
>  Autumn Melees was a blast! We fought in the cold, we charged through the
> rain, we died in the mud. I saw such spirit in our heroic fighters this
> weekend as I'll never forget.
>  The determination among all, not just the fighters, to stay & have fun
> together was impressive. At a point where lesser people may have given up, we
> were out in the rain, putting up more pavilions, singing songs and toasting
> our friends. I will remember this event and the camaraderie for a long time.
> Those who were there showed what it means to be Ansteorran, for we never give
> up!
> Thank you Bordermarch for another wonderful event.  I also thank Sir Kein for
> his hospitality & the excellent definition of an adventure.
> Quintus Severus (called Wayland)
> squire to Eques Titus
> Decurion / Legio Australis
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