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Quoting Darla Williams <darlaw at JMCLIPPER.COM>:
>     it is a delicate situation - what is the SCA's 
> view and feelings on people of .....darker skin 
> complexions, participating and/or joining the SCA
> and the events.  in other words, will there be a 
> problem ???   i do not want any more problems in 
> life, i have enough.....   i can always continue doing
> my own thing without an organization to share it 
> with, but i think it would be nice to share !!!
>     thank you for your honesty and responses.
> always a lady....

Well, my lady, welcome.  As I frequently say, we always 
have room for more nice people.

People of every race are welcome in the SCA, and people 
of every race participate successfully to the highest 
levels of our organization.  I have never heard of a 
case in which someone was ill-treated by reason of 
their race at an SCA event -- and I would be very 
interested if such a thing should occur in future.

Meanwhile, if I may ever be of service in this or any 
matter, please do not hesitate to approach or contact 

- Viscount Galen of Bristol, Baron of Elfsea, Knight of 
the Society, Master of the Pelican, etc.

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