ANST - Tavern riots in Old Bryn Gwlad

Scot and Domino Eddy domino7 at
Sun Oct 15 20:06:46 PDT 2000

As St. Michael's Library has such a terrible system for storing and
retrieving the material it has I'm always stumbling upon new items of
Bryn Gwlad medieval history. Here's a new bit of interesting material I
stumbled upon. It's a report from the Bryn Gwlad Guard  concerning an
altercation at the Boar's Breast. Some of it was smeared from water, but
I included what I could read.

...we then turned the corner. Apparently someone had alerted the owners
of the Boar's Breast and they had barricaded themselves in their
establishment. We tried to force the door open, but it was piled high
with tables, benches, and other refuse. A window open on the second
floor and night soil was tossed out. Luckily no one was hit by the
    We called for them to open up "In the name of the Baron." There
arose such a clamor of cackling and laughing that we were sure that the
devil himself was in attendance with demons in tow. There was no way to
get in. I sent one guardsman to fetch an ax or mallet to break the door
down. One was returned straightaway and we were inside in short order.
    We drew steel and were prepared to meet stiff resistance, but the
only one's in the tavern were Rosie, her husband (?) Jack, several of
their barmaids, and a number of surly, drunk patrons. We searched the
place and were impeded by the barmaid who made sinful suggestions the
entire time.    We found no evidence of a Cabray nor did anyone know of
him. We considered arresting the whole mess of them, but as we were only
four guardsmen and a goodly number of rough looking folk were gathering
about outside we decided to arrest two trugs named Aphrodite and Joan
who were caught in the act. Their customers barely escaped out windows.
They left in such a hurry that they left behind their clothing. I
believe that the common practice is to sell the man's clothing, but we
confiscated it instead. I can only speculate on the misdeeds that occur
here, but without proper evidence or eye-witnesses we cannot arrest.
    Our spy on the inside has not been able to determine how their deals
are made, but he assures us that beer, beans, and other ill-gotten
materials are bought and sold here. It is only recently.....

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