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Fri Oct 20 14:52:14 PDT 2000

Greetings again,

I forgot to put in some stuff from the last post.
There is a set-up for a kitchen at this Stroud site.

Also the site is close off of the turnpike. You just
exit left, go down the country roads a little bit, and
you're there. The cost of the turnpike from OKC to the
exit is $1.50.

There is also a Wilderness Center close by which has a 
bunkhouse that sleeps about 6-10 that can be rented. The
center has a beautiful indoor hall with a kitchen, showers,
2 story meeting room, all wood, with picture windows that
overlook the lake, very pretty view, about 100 chairs inside,
and a full wrap around deck on the outside, also overlooking
the lake and forest. 

At the site itself, the fighting area overlooks the lake as
well and is scenic. There is a small upper area
adjacent that could be used as well.

There are also 2 stages for bardic and performing arts. And an
open bardic area with places to sit.  

They are offering to rent this site to the SCA for a very
reasonable rate. 

They would be very happy to have an official SCA prescence for
their faire next year in October. They would love for us to do
a demo. It'd be good for us, for them, all the way around. Like
I said before, he is hip to us coming and doing fighting, A & S,
dancing, bardic, equestrian, etc. Hope this is enough info to 
pique your interest. Jevon 

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