ANST - Rogues and Rapiers

Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at
Mon Apr 9 07:58:19 PDT 2001

Hi all,

For those of you who did not attend Rogues and
Rapiers, you missed a truly wonderful event!

The weather was clear and pleasant, the fighting was
beautiful, and the hospitality was outstanding.
Rosenfeld has an incredible new site, full of trees,
green grass, and even a sandy-beach lake. I hope to
see it used more in the future.

Congratulations to Tristan von Heidelberg, the new
bearer of the Queen's Blade of Honor. I am pleased and
proud, but perhaps I am biased, as he is cadet to my
lord. :)

Congratulations also to Don Brendan McEwen, who won
both the Rosenfeld Champion list and the Rose
Tournament. As always, it was a joy to watch him
fight. He had 25 wins in the Rose challenge tourney,
followed by 20 wins each for Dons Christoforo and
Ericus, and 19 by Lord Tristan (although he would have
had 22 if he had remembered to report all his wins to
the listmistress!) 

Thanks are due to HL Darius of the Bells, who provided
a beautiful medallion to the winner of the rose
tourney, and to Countess Regina, who generously
provided all us Roses with a lovely luncheon. 

And most of all, vivat to the Shire of Rosenfeld and
its hardworking members for putting on an excellent
event at a beautiful site!

Warm regards,

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