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Mon Apr 9 12:48:05 PDT 2001

Sir, Dear Sir,

I am Very grateful for your reply as I had thought I had searched far and wide.  But
as to be expected, I just didn't look far enough.

I had browsed thought the Florilegium, but I see I should have read a bit further.

As an explanation, there is several grades of casting metals (with various mixes), but
normally listed by melting temperature (250*C-450*C) and weather or not it is
lead-free.  Most of these metals (not listed as pewter) are used for decoration or
miniatures.  Their coloration is a dull silver for the most part, but they will take a
polish if tumbled.

For the most part, it's a cheap way to make site tokens (as long as no one tries to
eat one).  Or to make a small master to show as an example.

Once again, thank you very, Very much!!!

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Gustave alf Blitzgarden

"Mark.S Harris" wrote:

> Gustave alf Blitzgarden wrote:
> > A while back (or so I was told), there was a list passed around as for who and
> > where to buy inexpensive white metals and the like for jewelry and site tokens.
> > As an example, the cheapest I can find casting metal (lead-free, 450*C) is
> > around $3/lb and pewter bricks at around $6/lb.
> For lead-free pewter, that $3/lb is a very good price. I'm not sure how
> the
> two metals you are mentioning compare, although 450 degrees F is a
> little
> low for leadfree pewter, while 450 degrees C is a bit high. So I'm
> really
> not sure what alloy you are referring to as being $3/lb.
> >From the class notes for my recent pewter casting class at Gulf Wars:
> > My pewter now comes from:
> > Hallmark Metal Co (hallmark.metal at 1-888-467-8000
> >
> >
> > MPK is a Tin/Copper/Bismuth/Silver alloy melts 5-600 degrees f $4.25 lb.
> > 928 is a Tin/Antimony/Copper alloy / melts 550-650 degrees f $3.75 lb.
> >
> > Call before ordering as this material is a commodity and varies from day to day.
> >
> > The bars are available in 7 lbs, and are notched for three pieces
> > or can be cut at the factory.
> This is the best price I've found, period.
> You can also find some other suppliers and info on pewter in this
> file in the CRAFTS section of my Florilegium:
> pewter-msg        (16K)  2/ 7/01    Pewter in period. Referances.
> Sources.
> If you are casting you might also find this file useful:
> casting-msg      (124K)  2/ 7/01    Casting pewter and other metals.
> The Florilegium is at:
> THLord Stefan li Rous
> stefan at
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