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Gustave alf Blitzgarden wrote:
> A while back (or so I was told), there was a list passed around as for who and
> where to buy inexpensive white metals and the like for jewelry and site tokens.

> As an example, the cheapest I can find casting metal (lead-free, 450*C) is
> around $3/lb and pewter bricks at around $6/lb.

For lead-free pewter, that $3/lb is a very good price. I'm not sure how
two metals you are mentioning compare, although 450 degrees F is a
low for leadfree pewter, while 450 degrees C is a bit high. So I'm
not sure what alloy you are referring to as being $3/lb.

>From the class notes for my recent pewter casting class at Gulf Wars:
> My pewter now comes from:
> Hallmark Metal Co (hallmark.metal at 1-888-467-8000
> MPK is a Tin/Copper/Bismuth/Silver alloy melts 5-600 degrees f $4.25 lb.
> 928 is a Tin/Antimony/Copper alloy / melts 550-650 degrees f $3.75 lb.
> Call before ordering as this material is a commodity and varies from day to day.
> The bars are available in 7 lbs, and are notched for three pieces
> or can be cut at the factory.

This is the best price I've found, period.

You can also find some other suppliers and info on pewter in this 
file in the CRAFTS section of my Florilegium:
pewter-msg        (16K)  2/ 7/01    Pewter in period. Referances.

If you are casting you might also find this file useful:
casting-msg      (124K)  2/ 7/01    Casting pewter and other metals.

The Florilegium is at:

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