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Sun Apr 15 10:40:54 PDT 2001

Brown Chass (dwarvenhome at said something that sounded like:
> Because as stated before the heavy weapons comunity
> wont change and would fight any changes, which they
> greatly outnumber us. Which leaves us to try and find
> a way to modify our already expensive arrows and bows
> to keep the bounce back from happening. Even though
> the idea of modifying helms with hardware cloth would
> protect the HW people from tree limbs as well as
> arrows  and misc debree.

Having watched one of the "new" bolts from Trimaris, I say that there
are material methods for doing this. The only issue is that there are
dangers besides "bounce back". (sword struck arrows spinning, falling
down on them, etc) If "bounce back" is the only problem it is easy to
solve, if not it makes it more difficult.


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