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Harry C. Billings psobaka at
Sun Apr 15 12:36:25 PDT 2001

We have the means of reducing bounce back. Then the arrow shit to hard. The
problem is NOT just bounc back it also invols arrows spinning around becouse
of hitting or being hit and leading with their tails. As this will be
discision wil be made by the SEM it will almost certenly be some sort of
modification of the knock of arrows / bolts so as to reduce or eliminate the
posssiabilty of arrows /  bolts entering a helm.
This is NOT just about eye saftey or corvering for the eyes would be the
simple and only answer, it also is about the effecitveness of CA as it
growes in popluarlity and scope. There have been reports on the SCA Missile
list that about 1/3 of all Triamarins did some CA during GW X.
As I see it from my personal biais if you are afraid of being hit in the eye
with a missile cover your eyes or sit out that battle if not fight on.

>Because as stated before the heavy weapons comunity
>wont change and would fight any changes, which they
>greatly outnumber us. Which leaves us to try and find
>a way to modify our already expensive arrows and bows
>to keep the bounce back from happening. Even though
>the idea of modifying helms with hardware cloth would
>protect the HW people from tree limbs as well as
>arrows  and misc debree.
>Sincerely Charinthalis Del Sans
Plachoya Sobaka insignificant archer; Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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