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Beware.  When I was a lad of about 14, I saw two friends playing catch
with a baseball.  One friend misjudged a toss and the ball hit him in
the eye.  He might have been fine, some bruising, except that the ball
hit his glasses and knocked one of the lenses out - straight back into
his eye.  He now has a glass eye in that dead socket.  Now normally,
this is not a huge deal with helms and such; but with the recent clamor
over combat archery and helms, arrows entering between bars and whatnot,
I'd be careful about plain glasses.

I really have no room to talk.  I'm 20/900 in both eyes, and on the
occasions that I can fight, I don't wear my extra set of eyes under my
helm.  Disadvantages?  I can't tell friend from foe in a melee. 
Advantages?  Well, I don't fall for feints - I CAN'T SEE THEM! <g>  I'll
probably never see the arrow that takes what's left of my sight.

Thorgrim the Red
Getting used to West Ansteorra again after 8 years in Drachenwald...

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> My helm lets me wear my glasses.
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