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John Thorn thornsca at
Sun Apr 15 20:55:42 PDT 2001

I'm going to have to agree with Plachoya and Gilli on this one.  As a AC 
fighter, I helped Plachoya test new systems and arrow constructions to 
defeat "bounce back".  Funny thing is, of the 35-40 arrows (of various 
construction) he shot at my Helm and Shield, not one completed this 
mysterious bounce back.  Nor have I ever seen this phenomenon occur.. in any 
melee, to include Pennsic.  Granted, my experiance is limited.

I have, however, taken sticks, twigs, sand, mud, and just about any other 
organic particle through my grill at some point in time.  I think we should 
not cut off our nose to spite our face.  I have plans already to prep my 
helmet for melee combat in non-eye friendly terrain with the clear lexan 
football players use for their helmets.  EASY FIX.  Really.

Combat archery is a HUGE force multiplier.  Ansteorra is a powerhouse in the 
CA community.  We don't want to lose this decisive advantage on the 
battlefield.  Why render our archers ineffective in such a poor manner.

  If it is simply safety we are concerned about, (and it should be) then 
there are other, more viable solutions out there.

  If a hockey player gets his teeth knocked out by a puck, do you make him 
wear a mask or make the start making the pucks out of Nerf?

    Just my ramblings, take them as you may.

  Ld John Thorn
Kingdom of Ansteorra
Bronze Thunder bearing red
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