ANST - Re: History Repeats Itself

Russell mahee of acre husted at
Mon Apr 16 10:29:58 PDT 2001

I have watched quietly as post after post comes by on this subject. The 
first thing I noticed is that 'reverse entry' is becomming completely lost 
in the 'bounce back' issue.

reverse entry: any time the nock end of an arrow touches skin, with greatest 
concern of it enterring the helm.

history: reverse entry has happened. ratio is somewhere in the relm of 1 in 
2000 chance = .05%

seriousness: loss of sight is a definatively more serious than loss of teeth 
or basic skin punchers

1. wear eye protection
2. remove archery combat
3. change the arrows
   a. to something that will not fly
   b. flies so poorly it is not worth shooting
   c. to a style that shoots poorly and many fighters will not call
      (golf-tube arrows)
4. live with things the way they are
5. come up with something better

I have not stated any answers here, but have flavored the view with my 
opinion. This is important to _all_ fighters, not just archers. So, please 
be patient as we try to figure this out in a public forum and not just 
amoungst us arrow-chunkers.

Again I would love to see every fighter in the castle next year with a bow 
and six arrows. Then in unified vollies loose them on their foes outside the 

your servant,
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