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Mon Apr 16 20:19:26 PDT 2001

Bob Dewart (gilli at said something that sounded like:
> There is a material that some of the arrows used that cause them to
> basically just fall down when they hit you.  But then they transfered all
> their pwer at that point and had none left to bounce with.  I'm told those
> hurt like hell.

>From my understanding, it wasn't the material that was the problem, but
the crossbows. These bows while technically in Society specs, tweaked
the letter of the law to get more oomph.

We used my crossbow to test one with Whilhelm and Ferghus. Yes they hit
harder, but not a lot. The anti-bounceback part of it is *very* attractive
though. This is definitely a good solution if we can persue it as an


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