ANST - Re: History Repeats Itself

Bob Dewart gilli at
Wed Apr 18 20:37:00 PDT 2001

Dux wrote:
> I don't have a website for them.  I saw these nifty UHMW 1-1/4" wide
> nocks at Great Western War in '99.  A merchant was selling them, and I
> suspect he's on the web, though can't say for sure.  At the time, Caid
> was taking a look at moving from golf tubes to fiberglass shafts, but
> was leary of allowing the narrow nocks on the field.

Now there's an idea.  Put a combat head at both ends and let the thing
bounce back and forth along the line, killing as many as it can till it runs
out of bounce.  Hummmmm  :)


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