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Agnarr Thorvaldsson agnarr at
Wed Apr 18 00:56:35 PDT 2001

Greeting to Jean Paul and the list

Jean Paul de wrote:

> I guess that part of this thread that bothers me is the militant attitude
> "We wanna do this so you will fix it so that we can".  I don't think that
> attitude is the one that combat archers want to foster.

    Please let me state that the Combat Archery Community is not trying to
say: " We want to do this so you fix it so we can".

    What the Combat Archery Community is saying is that there is plenty of
things that are able to get into a combat helm and injure a persons eyes;
not just arrows and crossbow quarrels. and if the SEM wants to make these
changes in the name of "protecting your eyes" then lets take a look at a
real solution instead of one that is only a partial fix. (Its like having
your brake drums turned on your car but not using the same old brake pads.
Its only a partial fix to the problem of no brakes.)

 Jean Paul also wrote:

> I think an attitude of "Wow, that fact that someone got a nock in their
eye is
> terrible.  Lets come up with the most effective way to make sure that's
the only
> occurrence of it."

        Total agreement here Jean.  Everyone's eyes are precious.  That is
why the CA community is saying that the Bulbous nocks and ABD by themselves
are not the end all answer to stopping eye injuries.  A 5/8" ABD or Bulbous
nocks can still get into a helm that has 1" openings and do damage. While a
requirement for eye protection would solve this from happening to everyone
on the field.  This subject, BTW is a hot topic to all  the Combat Archers
in the SCA (Not just the ones here in Ansteorra).

        IMHO, this argument over eye protection will never be resolved until
requirement for some sort of eye protection that protects from any sort of
injury while doing heavy combat is implemented by the SEM or BoD.  It may be
6, 8 or maybe even 10 more years, but eventually, the SCA will end up
requiring eye protection for Armored Combat.  Its not a matter of if; but

        The Combat Archers are also saying that if the SCA is going to
eventually go to this standard of eye protection for all Fighters. Then go
ahead and do it now.  Not after the Archers have spent "X" amount of
additional dollars upgrading their archery equipment, and then have a new
armor standard for eye protection make all of these upgrades not needed in
the first place.

        I have to agree though that if the issue is eye protection, then
lets make a total fix at one time and not just make a half-a&& solution.
Because otherwise, the combat archers are then made out to be the scrape
goats, as to why the "archery only equipment" changes were made by the SEM.
While the issue of Protecting your eyes is ignored by him.

In service to the Kingdom and the Dream.

HL Agnarr Thorvaldsson,
Who is both an Armored Combatant and Combat Archer.

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