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Wed Apr 18 05:31:45 PDT 2001

Carl Chipman (cchipman at said something that sounded like:
> Well, ok, the screen will fit on almost any helm.  And adding it shouldn't
> be THAT big of a deal.  But the fact is, excluding Gulf Wars, most melee
> events don't draw the hundreds of archers the GW does.  I'd bet a ratio of
> one archer to every 15 standard fighters might be a good estimate (based on
> my recollection of the War of 3 Kings and Bordermarch Melees).  So, to
> permit the one person to fight in the style they want, it would require 15
> people to change their armour.  That seems to be a bit un-equitable to me.

I'm sorry to possibly disagree, but in all likelihood that is the same
ratio of archers to fighters at Gulf War. While there were some fighters
that took pot shots at the start of the fort battle, the number of
arrows they shot is very small compared the rest shot. We probably only
have 1 per 15 at GW as well. That was pretty obvious from the people picking
up arrows compared to doing pickup fights after each battle.


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