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David Hughes davidjhughes.tx at
Wed Apr 18 16:43:30 PDT 2001

Carl Chipman wrote:

> I guess that part of this thread that bothers me is the militant attitude of
> "We wanna do this so you will fix it so that we can".  I don't think that
> attitude is the one that combat archers want to foster.  I think an attitude
> of "Wow, that fact that someone got a nock in their eye is terrible.  Lets
> come up with the most effective way to make sure thats the only occurrence
> of it."
> For what its worth,
> Jean Paul de Sens

And the problem is not that "Someone got a nock in the eye" but rather
that "Someone suffered an eye injury due to an object entering the
Doesn't matter if it's an arrow nock, a broken arrow, a tree branch, a
splinter off a sheild, .......
For myself, the matter is moot, as I always protective eye gear.
(Essentially blind without glasses, and use prescription safety
glasses at work and play <G>)
Do we need to increase the requirements for helms?  If it's a serious
safety matter with archery, it's one with the other posisbilities.
If it's not serious for other possibilities, it's not for archery.
There is also the question of injuries to other parts of the body from
penetration by "arrow.....".
I wear good armor and heavy clothing, so my risk is minimal.  But some
fight with minimum armor and a lot of bare skin.  Their choice, their
risk, their responsibility.  
If someone chooses to participate in a melee with missle weapons, they
accept the possibility of injury from an arrow, just as they do from
swords, maces, accidental sheild bashes, being stepped or fallen on,
tripping over their own feet,......

I don't have a solution, just commentary.  There are dangers in the
game we play.  We try to minimize them, without taking all the fun out
of the game. 

David Gallowglass

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