ANST - Re: History Repeats Itself Again and again and again

gtaylor gtaylor at
Wed Apr 18 07:50:52 PDT 2001

Bob Dewart wrote:

>   There was nothing to stop folks from just bring non
> inspected arrows or bolts on the field.  This did happen in at least one
> near disaterous case.

Did anything happen to the person who was caught doing this?  Warnings given?
Cards lifted?
If we see an illegal arrow on the field...could someone wait to see who claimed
it....?  A few people jumped on good, even if they say, "It was a mistake,"
would greatly cut down on such things.  It seems that many times we in the SCA
look for new laws to be passed...when application of those that pre-exist would
take care of the problem...

Regarding helm possibility:
Perf steel with holes smaller than nock width (<1/4"?) and  4 twist ties.
Placed inside the mask to keep it from being knocked off, into the eyes.
Completely breathable and removable.


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