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Wed Apr 18 11:33:36 PDT 2001

I'll second those who have stated that the tone of this discussion is
getting very disturbing.  I think everyone should step back, take 10, and
think about what they are saying.

I've read where people are asking whether we can trust archers to stick
with any regulations.  FWIW, I was under the assumption that all arrows
are checked prior to use each and every time.  Someone (an archer no less)
suggested that a "spiteful archer" would be willing to sneak a bad arrow
in.  I don't know about the rest of you, but that alone worries me.

I know last year at GW, there was a potential incident with the wrong
arrows showing up for melee, but due to the way inspection was handled,
it was caught.  Have procedures changed or something?

The debate over what needs to be done is heated.  Regardless of the
outcome, someone will probably have to make modifications (unless the
whole thing is dropped).  It seems no one wants to be the one to have to

Maybe having some of the melees sans archers and let the fighters decide
if they want to sit out the ones with CA...  That's what we do on the
rapier field with the RBG's and CA.

Whereas I may be sympathetic to the archery community about decisions to
change coming down from on high (we've had our fair share of that over the
past few years in the rapier community), I think that everyone needs to
cool down a little before they write or say something that isn't so easily
taken back.

Ansgar von Aachen
Kingdom Rapier Marshal

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