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Wed Apr 18 16:30:36 PDT 2001

>2.  Would we put the plastic on the inside or outside?  How to attach that, and again how to look period?

Well, you can always stick them in with good ole duct tape, but there's probably enough in most helms already.  Buy a bag of plastic cinch ties and a side cutter.  Drill holes in the edge of the face plate, and maybe one in the center.  Stick the face plate inside or outside and secure it with the cinch ties.  You know the ones with the little squares on one end that once you cinch them down the right way they don't come loose and cut off the ends.  Cut the face plate free when you don't need it any more.

And how to look period . . . put it on the inside and buy clear cinch ties.  That isn't hard.  

Look period . . .

And what about those air conditioners in the camps?  Yep, I'm sure the armies of old went to sleep to the whir of portable AC units.  Yep, yep, one of those things no knight was without.

Here's to being Period . . .  *raises a canned drink poured into a different synthetic container while dressed in polyester*

In service to my clan,
Suiko of the Scorpion Clan

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