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Centurion Almarr Bjarnklö bjarnklo at
Wed Apr 18 11:13:56 PDT 2001

  Almarr here.   Sigh....  I see the Archery people talking about money... 
and some said, just wire a mesh on your helm......... or something like 
that.  Or put Lexan on your helm.  Well all this would be good  BUT
1.  People spend lots of money to get nice looking helms.  Now they are to 
wire a mesh over them and make them look like that?  Not to mention it would 
need to be secured so it can withstand combat, not just arrows.

2.  Would we put the plastic on the inside or outside?  How to attach that, 
and again how to look period?

Its just we dont want to start piecing stuff all over our helms to protect 
ourselves...  I understand what people have said, but I do not see that as 
the answer.

Now my helm is fine, I have 14 ga perf metal for my eyes.  Now I can get my 
cheeks pierced, or eat an arrow, and without salt and pepper.  Sheesh!

Just my 1 Cent worth

Centurion Almarr
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