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Wed Apr 18 17:45:58 PDT 2001

Laura Matthews wrote:  
> To put to rest a lot of bandwidth. Let me make this perfectly clear.
> Please focus your time and energy on finding the specifications for
> the bows, crossbows, and ammo needed to solve this safety issue.
> Modifications to helms is not an option.  With the testing that is on
> going and the information that we can gather.  We will be able to make an
> informed judgement as to the steps needed to make this a safer activity.
> Thank you for your cooperation.  Please send replies to stasya at
> Sir Wilhelm von Buch   Earl Marshall Ansteorra

Perhaps that might have better been said as: "THERE WILL BE NO 
required MODIFICATION OF HELMS within this kingdom while I am
Earl Marshall of Ansteorra unless so instructed by the Society
Earl Marshall".

For your authority is limited both territorially and temporally
and overridable by those further up the chain of command.

And some folks may wish to make some of the suggested helm modifications
to their own helms. Or are you saying that they cannot do this? Other
kingdoms may decide that helm modifications are the way to go and these
folks would like to participate in combat archery outside of this 
kingdom. Or they may just feel that such modifications are a small
price to pay to protect their eyes. As has been mentioned, arrows are
but one of the eye hazards on the field.

I am sorry to see that you wish to cut short for political
reasons might still prove to be the best solution or at least
a solution for other injury situations. But if you cut off all
discussion of the various possiblities except for those in
this 'we' group, whatever small group of elites this might
be, you lose the chance of finding a solution that has not
previously been brought up.

Lest you think I'm on one side or the other and thus biased,
I have had combat, combat-archery and rapier authorizations,
although they are not currently active.

THLord Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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