ANST - Cost of modifying arrows

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Thu Apr 19 15:28:21 PDT 2001

Sure was.  At Gulf War I, I was the Kingdom archery marshal.  My loaner box
of combat arrows was 186.

This year along with Middleford's box we had well over 1,000 that saw
action.  We had another 800+ on site that didn't get finished.  Had the
stuff just no people to help do it.

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> I just want to had to this the one thing everyone has said is that what
> comes down we will comply so we can have what we call fun. I will say this
> though wasn't it a whole lot less in the earlier days of the SCA (and I
> that there is people in the SCA that's been here longer then my 20+ years
> [not all in one kingdom]).

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