ANST - Cost of modifying arrows

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I meant to ask about that.  Someone told me that you and the arrow factory 
were coming up to Northern Regional Warlord last weekend?  Was that just a 


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On Thursday, April 19, 2001 5:28 PM, Bob Dewart [SMTP:gilli at] 
> Sure was.  At Gulf War I, I was the Kingdom archery marshal.  My loaner 
> of combat arrows was 186.
> This year along with Middleford's box we had well over 1,000 that saw
> action.  We had another 800+ on site that didn't get finished.  Had the
> stuff just no people to help do it.
> Gilli
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> > I just want to had to this the one thing everyone has said is that what
> ever
> > comes down we will comply so we can have what we call fun. I will say 
> > though wasn't it a whole lot less in the earlier days of the SCA (and I
> know
> > that there is people in the SCA that's been here longer then my 20+ 
> > [not all in one kingdom]).
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