ANST - Cost of modifying arrows

Bob Dewart gilli at
Thu Apr 19 16:01:19 PDT 2001

Well, I was suspose to.  But I took my kitchen stuff down to Dragon's Keep
to help them with feast for their first event which was the weekend prior to
Norther Regional.  While we we're loading up to leave I pulled some ribcage
muscles.  I hurt so bad I couldn't unload the kitchen stuff when I got home
nor could I reload the factory stuff.  I had to sent my regrets on the
archery list.  I'm still pretty sore.  That's in pain, not mad.  :)  Trailor
still has the kitchen stuff in it.


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> I meant to ask about that.  Someone told me that you and the arrow factory
> were coming up to Northern Regional Warlord last weekend?  Was that just a
> rumor?
> JP

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