ANST - Cost of modifying arrows

Mike meggiddo at
Thu Apr 19 16:22:46 PDT 2001

Sorry to hear about the ribs, had that happen to me before and do know just
painful it can be. Wish you a speedy recover.

Michael of the Fray

Bob Dewart wrote:

> Well, I was suspose to.  But I took my kitchen stuff down to Dragon's Keep
> to help them with feast for their first event which was the weekend prior to
> Norther Regional.  While we we're loading up to leave I pulled some ribcage
> muscles.  I hurt so bad I couldn't unload the kitchen stuff when I got home
> nor could I reload the factory stuff.  I had to sent my regrets on the
> archery list.  I'm still pretty sore.  That's in pain, not mad.  :)  Trailor
> still has the kitchen stuff in it.
> Gilli
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> From: "Carl Chipman" <cchipman at>
> To: <ansteorra at>
> Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 5:30 PM
> Subject: RE: ANST - Cost of modifying arrows
> > I meant to ask about that.  Someone told me that you and the arrow factory
> > were coming up to Northern Regional Warlord last weekend?  Was that just a
> > rumor?
> >
> > JP
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