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Thu Apr 19 18:55:55 PDT 2001

I do know of one individual who had fallen into a quiver of arrow fletchings.
Martin Jaeger died in a bridge battle long ago in GW 3 or 4 and fell into an
archer that had already died or the quiver was sitting on the side of the hay
bails beside the bridge, it has been too long for me to remember which.  He was
not injured by this as he turned his head sideways when he fell and they all
went through one side of his visor and out the other and beside his head.  Hold
was called and as he stood up he had a dozen arrows sticking out of his visor
points first.  This prompted the ruling THAT year or making arrows point heads
up and fletchings down... to my knowledge that rule is still upheld.

others I do not know about,
Sir Alrek Kanin
Barony of Wiesenfeuer, Ansteorra

Brown Chass wrote:

> I read in one of the emails and I accidently deleted
> it but i wanted to ask. Did someone really fall on a
> quiver of arrows at gulf wars? If so was he/she hurt?
> Also does anyone know what all injuries were at gulf
> wars?
> Sincerely Charinthalis Del Sans
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