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Bravisimo, My Lord

Lady Francesca Laviana Sansovino

(Who has felt like SOME of this thread sounds like my two adolescent sons

> What's next?  The Earl Marshall has spoken - "no modifications to
> helms".  Thank you Sir.  Really!  HOWEVER, it would not be the first
> time that modifications have been made to the heavy's armor
> requirements, despite assorted and assembled cries, groans, and
> collective screams.  Remember the hockey gloves?  Lack of vambraces? 
>  I sure do!  
> What if we modify our helms so that no arrow, however randomly shot,
> will penetrate our visors?  One step closer to the Imperial
> Stormtrooper's helm?  Perhaps.  We consider doing this so we can 
> safely include combat archers on the field with heavy weapons fighters,

> right?  Very period, don't you think?  After all, archers were
prominent on 
> the battlefields of Agincourt and Crecy, amongst other places...
> What's next?
> Hmmm...
> Wow!  Talk about modifying your armor/weapons so that people don't 
> get injured.  Will heavy fighters be required to make their huge 
> twohanders out of open cell foam?  Will heavy fighters be required to
> 'thick fur armor' at best, lest we fall upon a LWF and hurt them with
> heavy-nasty-leatherandmetalstuff?  No, we can't require someone to
> modify their weapon, just so others won't have the possibility of 
> being injured!  Or can we?
> If we don't, someone might be injured.  And funny as the idea of 
> "people being injured on the list/battlefield" sounds, people ARE
> all the time on the list field.  AND, it's simply a matter of time
> the right thrust, at the right angle, breaks someone's neck, or crushes
> their sternum, or pops an artery and they die in 1.5 minutes because
> there isn't a hospital within a 1.4 minute drive of the Gulf
> Wars/Estrella/Crown Tournament/Wherever site.
> How far do we REALLY want to take this?  If you want to die in bed, 
> stay there.  Really.  If you want to fight, be aware that EVERY time
> step on the field, against NO MATTER WHOM, something could go horribly 
> wrong and you could die.  Right there.  Really!
  You signed the waiver, didn't you?  Don't expect everyone 
> else to protect you from yourself in this sport - YOU walked onto the
> of your own free will!  You made your choice, YOU'RE responsible for 
> YOUR choice.  If you feel you need more protection, then by all means 
> wear it.  Or don't.  It is, after all, your choice to participate or
> to participate.
> Let's get on to other subjects, shall we?
> Thorgrim the Red
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