ANST - An Apology in defense of Archers

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Wed Apr 18 19:53:18 PDT 2001

I must apologize to all I have offended with my callous and crude manners.  I have greatly overstepped my bounds with my last post.  It was uncouth, uncivilized and ill-mannered.  

I'm not an archer.  I am in no way associated with SCA archers.  I've never been to an event where archery was allowed.  In fact, I haven't been to anything SCA of late as a result of unfortunate circumstances surrounding an injury that prevent me from going.  I just had a really hard time seeing the archers get blamed for things that were caused by the inherent dangers associated with arrows.  Especially ones that could have been so easily prevented.

I should have stopped shouting when people didn't listen the first time.  It is my fault.  I am profusely sorry for throwing my black shadow across the combat archery community.  That was not my intent.  I was too dense to stop to think.  I will stop and evaluate all my choices before posting a reply that would discredit those I am trying to help.

I did not by any means, mean to imply that all archers would put illegal and dangerous arrows into play if the rules were changed.  I only said that because I have seen it happen.  Not in the SCA mind you.  I repeat, I HAVE NOT seen that happen in the SCA myself.  But I have seen it happen blatantly elsewhere.  It is only a rule of statistics that it will happen again.  It only takes one person.  

I admit my intentions were not pure after my first few posts and they were certainly not guided by the dream in which all try to participate.  I sincerely regret not thinking first.  I was just trying to point out something I felt was bloody obvious.  My actions were mine alone.  I have no association with combat archery save for the fact that I was a mere bystander who thought she saw an easy solution.  I hereby withdraw myself from this and any future discussions.  

I will commit seppuku if it is so desired.


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