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Greg Shetler mordockvonrugen at
Wed Apr 18 20:08:54 PDT 2001

Um - I do.  It's not just rattan as an ongoing expense.  Fighters
generally fight more than do archers.  As in getting their gear beat
up.  We have ongoing expenses for armor repair and replacement that
archers just don't face.  My buddy who does archery made his armor, and
hasn't made any repairs or replacements to his armor in the last year. 
In that time, I've had to replace a basket hilt, am about due to replace
my favorite shield, replaced my arms that had blown out, replaced two
swords, replaced a chin-strap, and had to replace two sets of fighting
pants.  At a guess, I've had repair/replacement costs of about $60 - and
I fight in minimal armor, so my costs are less than most other fighters.

How many arrows has he had to replace during that time?  If I recall
correctly, 6.  Per an earlier post, that is about $20 worth of
repair/replacement cost.

Startup costs don't count.  Replacement costs do.  Our game is hard on
equipment.  If you think that the cost of replacing archery gear is too
expensive, try fighting - I suspect that you'll find the total costs
roughly equivalent.  Moreover, I don't think you're going to get much
sympathy for cost-based arguments on this issue.  We all have costs,
both startup and repair/replacement.  We choose our game, and accept the
costs that go with it.


Brown Chass wrote:
> My Jist of it is this.
> 1) they are not panicing withour good cause for the
> SEM told them to come up with a answer or he would (by
> the end of the month).
> 2) the already expenses they have put into their stock
> of arrows and the thought of haveing to spend alot
> more.
> Try adding up how much you have spent on rattan in the
> last year and then ask an archer how much he/she has
> spent on arrows alone in the last year.. that isnt
> counting strings and etc.. just the arrows. I am
> wanting to be an archer and alot of them are saying
> that if this is implemented they wont play anymore. So
> try to put yourself in their shoes.
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