ANST - Is it worth it?? (was - Archery Safety?)

Bob Dewart gilli at
Sun Apr 22 16:57:57 PDT 2001

We all have costs, both startup and repair/replacement.  We choose our game,
and accept the costs that go with it.
> Dux

That is true.  And incidental repair or replace is part of the whole thing.

However, I'm not sure folks realize just what has happened here.

If this ruling of the SEM stands, there is not one single combat legal arrow
or bolt within the Kingdom.  Most of the bows may require some modification.
Most of the crossbow will either be useless or require major reworking.  As
of this moment no Ansteorran combat archer has anything to support the
Kingdom with at the next Gulf War.

This means a major reconstrution effort on a scale unseen by this Kingdom
must be done if our army at gulf war is to have archery fire support like it
has come to expect.  However; some of our archers are express deep concerns
of their ablity to pay for all that will be require so they can continue to
provide fire support for our army.  Plans are being worked on for having
several auctions to help cover this Kingdom wide refit.

Can the archers count on your support so they can support us?


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