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Brown Chass dwarvenhome at
Tue Apr 24 20:40:18 PDT 2001

Um no its not about 6 arrows.. it is about close to
100 per person.. arrows which now will have to be
completely redone and crossbows that are basically
going to have to hung over the mantle and new ones
bought. I do both HW and am now learning CA. I like
both and i do know how expensive the things are from
$25 bucks a stick for rattan to the helms etc. This
isnt over who paid more for what but which rout would
have been the best bet... Lexan face shields in the
helms would have been more prudent and solved the
problem.. instead he decided to make a half hearted
attempt to solve the problem and wouldnt listen to
anyone elses opinion.

Sincerely Chass Brown aka Charinthalis Del Sans
--- Greg Shetler <mordockvonrugen at> wrote:
> Um - I do.  It's not just rattan as an ongoing
> expense.  Fighters
> generally fight more than do archers.  As in getting
> their gear beat
> up.  We have ongoing expenses for armor repair and
> replacement that
> archers just don't face.  My buddy who does archery
> made his armor, and
> hasn't made any repairs or replacements to his armor
> in the last year. 

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