ANST - FWD: Re: ANST-Announce - Archery Safety?

Rolf Kvamme baron_duncan at
Wed Apr 18 08:13:59 PDT 2001

> > Certainly arrows are cheaper than helms.
> >
> >                                ---= Morgan
>Certainly they are, but you only need 1 helm.   For 3 dozen ready to shoot 
>it was $75.    I cannot imagine what Gilly has paid for his several
>100's-1000's.  Sigen Northkeep

Well I think I can trump that with my 16 helms. The Most expensive of that 
is over 600$. And I have a squire who has only four (but he is learning and 
aquiring more) and the average is around 500.;)

Duncan Princeps Ansteorra

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