ANST - Greetings w/Archery Question

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Sun Apr 29 15:47:31 PDT 2001

Depends.  There are some of the APDs that use the exsiting nock.  Others


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>    I am thinking of buying a combat archery kit to get into CA. I have
> followed the recent discussions on the SEM change re ABDs. I think the
> package, which comes with what were fiormerly comcat legal completed
> Baldar Blunt tipped arrows as well as a 30# bow fmo Meridies for what
> 'strikes' me as a fair price.
>    My question is, how hard/expensive will it be to take off, if
> necessary, the existing nocks bonded on and putting on a legal ABD?
>    Thanks! We now return you to your regularly scheduled Thursday night!
> :)
>    Valstarr
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