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I wanted to make another point here since you are talking about
the problem of removing bonded on nocks. The heads of regular
target archery arrows are also often bonded on. Now this may be
obvious to you and others, but unfortunately it wasn't to at
least one previous Gulf Wars archer. You CANNOT just stick a
Baldar head or a Thistle Missle head over that target point.
The target point needs to be removed FIRST.

Since you are buying a combat archery set, this should not
be a problem. I doubt the APD will be either. With the new
rules, I would expect the kit to provide the ABDs and thus the
arrows should be set up with nocks or not as necessary.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at

Bob Dewart wrote:
> Depends.  There are some of the APDs that use the exsiting nock.  Others
> don't.
> Gilli
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> >    I am thinking of buying a combat archery kit to get into CA. I have
> > followed the recent discussions on the SEM change re ABDs. I think the
> > package, which comes with what were fiormerly comcat legal completed
> > Baldar Blunt tipped arrows as well as a 30# bow fmo Meridies for what
> > 'strikes' me as a fair price.
> >    My question is, how hard/expensive will it be to take off, if
> > necessary, the existing nocks bonded on and putting on a legal ABD?
> >    Thanks! We now return you to your regularly scheduled Thursday night!
> > :)
> >
> >    Valstarr
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