ANST - Re: History Repeats Itself

Bob Dewart gilli at
Sat Apr 14 12:27:09 PDT 2001

Sir Wilhelm;

I absolutely agree.  If they "have to be", then we must do so.  However;
there are other things that can be done to increase the safety of the game
we play that will be _far_ more effective than any useable change we could
make to Ansteorran crossbows.

Checking one's equipment for serviceability and compliance with regulations
is a very good thing and should be done often.  However, I'm not aware of
any Ansteorran bows or crossbows, and I personnally checked many of them at
the war, that were not in compliance with current regs.

There are many ways to peel an onion.  Most folks want to do it in such a
way so they do not get the oinon juice in their eyes.  That limits those
many way down to those that keeps their eyes safe.  There's only four I know
of. 1) Have some one else do, 2) Peel it under water, 3) Peel it with a shop
vac right there to get the onion juice, and 4) Wear protective eye wear.

Much the same is true of our current situation.  But the real question
doesn't lie in what can be done to make it safer.  The real question is how
safe _is_ safer?  As long as there is a chance the back end of the arrow can
get inside the helm there will be, however remote, a chance it will make it
to the eye.  What chance out of a million, a billion, a trillion is
exceptable to you and the SEM?  Because as long as there is a chance, it can
happen.  There are only 3 thing I know of that will reduce the chance to
ZERO: 1) Don't have combat archery, 2) Make the back end bigger, in a
noncollaspeable manner, than the openings of the helm, 3) Personnal eye
protection that will not allow contact with the eye by a foreign object.

So what is level of safety we are looking for?  Once we know that, then,
possibly an answer to that question can be found.

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