ANST - Re: History Repeats Itself

David Hughes davidjhughes.tx at
Sat Apr 14 19:52:03 PDT 2001

Bob Dewart wrote:
  As long as there is a chance the back end of the arrow can
> get inside the helm there will be, however remote, a chance it will make it
> to the eye.  What chance out of a million, a billion, a trillion is
> exceptable to you and the SEM?  Because as long as there is a chance, it can
> happen.  There are only 3 thing I know of that will reduce the chance to
> ZERO: 1) Don't have combat archery, 2) Make the back end bigger, in a
> noncollaspeable manner, than the openings of the helm, 3) Personnal eye
> protection that will not allow contact with the eye by a foreign object.
> So what is level of safety we are looking for?  Once we know that, then,
> possibly an answer to that question can be found.
> Gilli

4) Modify the armour regs for combat archery to prevent penetration by
a nock (perf metal faceplates, heavy hardware cloth over eye slits,
etc.  Look at some of the proposals when combat archery was first
You don't want to modify your helm?  Sit out any melee that involves
combat archery.

David Gallowglass

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