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Tue Apr 17 20:51:54 PDT 2001

> Agreed - efficient and common sense.  It does not make sense, in my
> opinion, to ask 1,000 fighters to all don the special archery armor for
> the archery scenarios, when we could ask the 200 archers to modify their
> arrows.

Okay, what sense are you using there?  Which will take more modifying?   1,000 helms or 7,000 to 10,000 arrows?  It's not the 200 archers you have to modify.  It's the things flying at you.  Unless someone is going to be launching archers with catapults at the next war.

Now answer me this: 
Do you wear goggles/eye protection in the shop with all those flying bits of wood and other stuff?  
Do you wear goggles/eye protection in the chemistry lab with all those potentially explosive chemicals? 
Do you wear goggles/eye protection at construction sites with even more flying bits of sharp things?  
Do you wear goggles/eye protection on a motorcycle with all those 70 mile an hour bugs?
Do you give a damn about your eyes in the first place?

As someone with glasses, I know how valuable my eyes are.  People with 20/20 seem to forget that and not protect them.  

There is a simple solution to this problem.  Use your head.  If you like your eyes and choose to preserve them against the small chance that you'll see an arrow coming at you the wrong way, buy some shop safety goggles, or light frame normal glasses, or $2 sunglasses, or lexan, or the wire mesh, or cloth, or a different helm, or sit out, or some perforated metal, or a tighter front grill!!  There's something that can be modified to fix any helm.  Hell, several layers of clear packing tape would fix the whole damn problem!  JUST THINK ABOUT IT!

Also, are you going to trust every single one of those archers to modify their arrows?  Especially if they fly worse?  There is going to be one spiteful archer out there that will sneak in "bad" arrows just for the purpose of having ones that fly good.  You going to trust them with your eyes?

Or of course, you can sit there and bitch about the archers and how terrible this is and how arrows must be changed and how unfair it is and how things aren't right and how things aren't period like good little SCAers always do.

In true service to my clan,
Suiko of the Scorpion Clan

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