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Tue Apr 17 22:09:48 PDT 2001

Tenryuou at wrote in response to Dux's comment:
>> Agreed - efficient and common sense.  It does not make sense, in my
>> opinion, to ask 1,000 fighters to all don the special archery armor for
>> the archery scenarios, when we could ask the 200 archers to modify their
>> arrows.

> It's not the 200 archers you have to modify.  It's the things flying at you. 

Yes, each fighter has one helm, maybe a couple. Each archer has anywhere
from a dozen to a thousand arrows. I have 50 of my own, each Loch Ruadh
archer has a 50-100 and the Canton itself has a hundred or so. When you
think of how many authorized combat archers there are and that few of
them have no arrows, you can get a staggering number of arrows that need
modifying or even replacement.

Let me donn my asbestos tabard and say that I suggest that more eye
protection could become part of the minimum armor requirements for all
fighters. I have pressed into the trees a number of times and gotten
jabbed in the face by a tree branch. Likewise, I have had grass hit my
eyes in a fall, through the bars on the helm. Granted, grass doesn't
have quite the same potential blinding qualities that an arrow or bolt
has, but the point is that eye protection makes sense for all fighters
in all scenarios.

I think it should be a general requirement that can be complied with in
a number of ways as opposed to "goggles" or "a lexan or similar shield".
I personally would not want anything that cuts off any more breeze than
absolutely necessary, nor something that I would have to replace or
completely rebuild my helm to comply with like goggles.

No, I won't like it; anytime we face more restrictions is bad, but more
stringent eye protection standards make the most sense from the point of
view that I think BOD and the SEM have, that of safety and legal

>> Unless someone is going to be launching archers with catapults at the next war.

Oooh, sounds like we have a volunteer for the new division! ;)

>> Now answer me this:
>> Do you wear goggles/eye protection in the shop/chemistry lab/construction sites/motorcycle?

Sadly, a large number of people do not unless forced to. I need only
recall a few days of discomfort from getting a tiny aluminum shaving in
my eye while drilling a door frame to remind me to donn some glasses or

>> As someone with glasses, I know how valuable my eyes are.  People with 20/20 seem to forget that and not protect them.

I think people take their eyes for granted more than any other sense or
body part. They are powerful yet easy to use, so they are easy to ignore
until they are broken or gone.

>> Also, are you going to trust every single one of those archers to modify their arrows?

Your point is well taken. I'm sure there have been a few weighted swords
and unpadded elbow cops to make onto the field over the years. However,
something like that going unfound in an inspection, especially in an
inspection in the last couple of years since the marshallate was
restructured. while not impossible, is not all that likely. 

Trust should not be an issue here because every arrow is inspected
before the first bout and between each bout before they are returned to
their archer. They would be removed by the inspecting marshals and I
expect someone would be talking to the owner since each arrow much be
identified in order to pass the inspection.

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