ANST - Re: ANST-Announce - Archery Safety?

Morgan Cain morgancain at
Wed Apr 18 05:23:44 PDT 2001

> By now many of have received your TIs.  You know that the members of
> the BOD want to hear our thoughts on matters that come before them.

Right. But I cannot see where in the current issue of TI (My Spring 2001,
No. 138, arrived today) is there anything addressing the topic of your
missive.  Help?

>  Soon a matter
> will be before them that could affect how many of us play the game.

And if the subject is not yet before the Board, and they have not yet
requested feedback from the populace, why did you write to them, and why are
you asking people to write?  Without knowing what is the question, how do
you expect people to formulate a coherent answer?

Or am I missing some key element?

                                        ---= Morgan

Sometimes, I have looked back at my behavior and learned
not to make the same mistake twice.  Other times, I have
merely learned to make it again with more style.
                                             ---= Marilyn vos Savant
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