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Wilim Penbras wilim.penbras at
Wed Apr 18 09:18:09 PDT 2001

Just a quick note to let non-combat archers know that the cost of producing arrows for war, depending on the solution implemented, would be anywhere from $.50 to $1.00 extra each.  The cost would go from roughly $1.50 a piece to to $2.00 or $2.50.  I'd very quickly get to the point where I could buy a new helm every war for the increased cost of arrows.  It is quite frankly cheaper for me to figure out and pay for, a one time solution for every fighter in my Region than to spend the rest of my time in the SCA spending 30% more on new arrows than I have to.  Arrows are consumables.  This is an ongoing expense the same as Rattan swords.  What if you were told you could only use siloflex swords.  All of a sudden all swords have to be changed and you have to spend more on each one.  Picture what it would be like if you had several dozen swords and each war you pulped out a dozen or so.  That's what the combat archers are being asked to do by the heavy community.

     I'll comply with whatever modifications are placed on us and I'm actively involved in testing new designs that can be done cheaply and easily, but please don't tell me modifying my arrows from now on is cheaper than a one time fix to Helms.  Fix the ones in place and any new ones that are made would have to comply with the standard.  You might have to buy new Lexan or whatever but how often and how expensive would that be?

That being said, I am realistic and know that regardless of relative cost, if 10,000 heavy fighters don't want to change, they're not going to change.  The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and all that jazz.

In Service,
     Wilim Penbras
     Archer and Heavy Fighter, Arthurian Company
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