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Wed Apr 18 08:46:43 PDT 2001

Well, since I am not intimately involved in the right groups, it seems, I did not realize that the Society Earl Marshall's proposal HAD been circulated for discussion.  Since I do know the Board meeting schedule (third weekend of every third month), and I know that they usually take proposals under advisement and seek comment for at least one quarter, I could not understand why Gilli was agitating so hard for the people to write to the Board.  Mea culpa.

BTW, since most Board members travel on Thursday, if you are going to email to them, do it fast.  They still may not see the message before the meeting starts.

Someone passed this along to me:

>>> It is "requiring the nock end of shafted (wood or
>>> fiberglass) arrows to have some sort of approved device
>>> attached which prevents entry into a normal SCA-legal
>>> bar grill (ABD's in other words)."

It is still not clear to me how this is going to kill combat archery.  I know that wood/fiberglass arrows are not the only kind of arrows used in CA; just walking the field at GW made that quite plain.  And I don't think they are even the marjority across the Known Worlde.

I also confess that I am used to the fighter-based style of combat archery, where the archers are also fighters and may be on the field, and are legal targets to be killed.  I understand that in some places, you have "target CA" if you will, where the archers are not legal targets and essentially use the fighters for target practice.  Different rules and practices may well colour how people perceive the proposed rule change.

Me, I think it makes sense.  As I said, I remember other rules changes that required helm modifications.  I have also seen rules that apply to the weapons (for example, minimum shaft diameters).  And while modification of any equipment is inconvenient, I don't think it should be the determining factor in whether a rule is going to be applied.  Face it, someone will be inconvenienced.  The question is whether the Known Worlde's fighters have to modify their helms to accommodate a limited battle scenario, or if the key element of that scenario gets modified to increase safety of the fighters.

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