ANST - A quick fast solution to this whole mess

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Wed Apr 18 09:56:16 PDT 2001

A quick fast solution to this whole mess.

A solution for almost every helm:

Go to the hardware/craft store.  
Get a small piece of stiff metal or wire mesh.  
Take it over to the dowel section and stab it repeatedly.  
Are there dents in it?  
If not, buy a piece big enough to cover the grill on your helm.  
But some of those plastic tie wraps that only cinch down.  
Fold the edges of the wire under and edge it with something (duct tape, electricians tape, cloth).  
Secure it to the outside of the grill on your helm when in archery combat.  Use a knife, scissors or side cutters to remove.  
Total cost:  under $20
How hard is that?

If you'd rather not.  I'm sure you can buy an eye patch for about the same.

In service to my clan,
Suiko of the Scorpion Clan

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