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> I can't attend the function, but I do have a suggestion....
> WAY back in 7th grade, we had an "International Day". The thing that I
> remember the most, was that my teacher brought wooden chopsticks to
> school, that she bought in a bundle, at the dollar store. We practiced
> picking up little colored wooden blocks and dropping them in a cup. This
> was a prelude to using the chopsticks at lunch that day.
> To this day, I can pick up a single grain of rice, or a loose pea with
> chopsticks, thanks to the forethought of that teacher.
> You may want to consider this as an activity. I know it is one of my
> fonder memories from that time. And btw, the teacher's name was also
> Alice....Alice Stewart.
Greetings From Alina:

Thanks for telling me about this. It sounds like something the children
would enjoy and have fun doing. Now I just got to find someone teach it,
as I have two left hand and can't work chopsticks worth a darn.

Thanks Again For Suggesting It,
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