ANST - Gulf War X: Thank You!

Brian and Pam Martin twinoak at
Mon Mar 19 17:31:50 PST 2001

Greetings All,

Now that Gulf War X is in the books,I wanted to send a quick post to say
thanks to a few people who worked very hard in assisting me with land
organization and preparation, and other duties performed at the war.

To Lady Arabella de Montecute (Elfsea), Sir Alexis la Buche (Loch
Sollier) and Centurion Britta Mac Gregor (Western Region), a big thanks
for helping to organizing the land requests for their respective
regions. You helped lay the ground work for a smooth and orderly process
and I truly appreciate your help.

To HL Dominic MacConnamara (Bjornsborg), for assisting with volunteer
recruiting and information, and for taking care of Ansteorra's post war
duties. You made my job much easier and I thank you.

To Lord Duncan Mac Connacher )Bryn Gwlad) who laid out the plots of land
for each group (without the benefit of a decent site map) and Lord
Alfred Huddleston (Bryn Gwlad) who assisted Duncan. Without you two, I'd
still be trying to figure out where each group would go. I can't say
thanks enough.

While many, many people worked very hard to make this past war a
success, I must extol the efforts of two people for efforts above and
beyond the call of duty. Lady Arabella and Lord Duncan were absolutely
critical to me and I simply can't stress how much their work meant to
all who attended the war, or how much I appreciate their hard and
selfless work. I'm also happy to report that they're both slow learners
who have volunteered to help again next year! :-)

And thanks finally to everyone who showed up and helped out. Every bit
of service, no matter how small, helps the war, the kingdom and the
society. Their are too many to name, but please know that your service
is greatly appreciated.

Yours in love of Crown and Kingdom,
HE Sir Pendaran Glamorgan,
Ansteorran Liaison, Gulf War X

(Stay tuned for news of GW XI coming soon!)
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