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Mon Mar 19 21:09:48 PST 2001

It may be too early to really be asking this question, but I heard that there were plans to re-visit the rulings on both ballistas and crossbows in the wake of some close calls and far-too-hard hits at Gulf Wars.  I heard of ballista bolts going through shields, and saw one crossbow bruise worse than any sword shot I've ever seen.  
I find the ballista quetion espically concerning, since I watched one hit a stud in the castle not 6 inches from a Ladie's arm with enough force to put a 1/2 inch divet in the wood.  Those of us standing there were discussing it later, and all had no doubt that it would have broken her arm badly had it hit her.  I'm mostly curious here as to whether the discussions have begun in ernest, and what has been said?
It was, however, a great war, and I am very glad to have gone.  This was my second, the first being the one which Thor won.  I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who attend, and espically those who work so hard to make things happen.

-Fearadhach McCongel
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