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Tue Mar 20 07:54:11 PST 2001

Sean Hertzberg (s_hertzberg at hotmail.com) said something that sounded like:
> Now, speaking as Iolo's apprentice, let me state something.  IT IS NOT THE 
> BOWS THEMSELVES.  We are using the same standards that we have used for a 
> while.  What has changed is two major things.
> 1. The projectiles.  Baldar blunts and Thistle missiles hit a lot harder 
> than the modified Marklands.  They have more mass and do not give.

Actually Ocatvia (as well as Mirrim and I to some extent) have been using
balder, thistles and UHMW for some time. While they may hurt and/or
sting, you don't hear of reports like this from our bows, eventhough
my crossbow is just under the maximum limit at 595 inch pounds.

> Add these together and that is where the problem lies.  What is the 
> solution?  Not sure...but making sure high speed strings are not used might 
> be a place to start.  Perhaps squishier bolt heads...not my call.

Actually from briefly talking to Sir Erika I believe a larger factor
was that they pushed the technical maximum inch poundage to get a
zippier punch out of the crossbow. What they did was shorten the draw
(and in some cases the bolt) while increasing the draw poundage. While
this still came in under 600 inch pounds, it shoots out of the crossbow
like a rocket. (For a moderate example, 70 lbs over 8 1/2 inches [my bow]
is a lot different than 100 lbs over 6 inches.)

As I understand it, Sir Erika and her group voluntarily removed their
questionable crossbows from the field and Trimaris is already reworking
the crossbow safety paramaters. Unfortunately there was one or two other
crossbows of similar nature being used by others during the fort battle.
(I saw one whip out of the left tower area while we were attacking.)

I know there is a lot of speculation on the issue and that the archery
marshallette will be looking at it very closely to see what the
guidelines will be. I definitely plan on putting my two cents in.


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