: ANST - War and changes

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Tue Mar 20 07:15:29 PST 2001

Avery Shaw writes:
> Ok Folks...
> I saw the shield that was hit by the crossbow bolt.  There was an
> of about 1/2 inch into the plywood.  It was NOT nice looking.
> Now, speaking as Iolo's apprentice, let me state something.  IT IS NOT THE
> BOWS THEMSELVES.  We are using the same standards that we have used for a
> while.  What has changed is two major things.
> 1. The projectiles.  Baldar blunts and Thistle missiles hit a lot harder
> than the modified Marklands.  They have more mass and do not give.  I also
> saw someone that had a modified markland that they had tool dipped and it
> had maybe 1/8 inch of compression.  I would not want to be hit by that.
> 2. There were also reports of people using high speed strings.  These are
> more slender and more efficient than the standard strings that are used on
> the crossbows made by us.  They do not last as long, but they can give you
> signifigant increase in power.
> Add these together and that is where the problem lies.  What is the
> solution?  Not sure...but making sure high speed strings are not used
> be a place to start.  Perhaps squishier bolt heads...not my call.
> Avery Shaw
> Apprentice to Master Iolo Fitzowen

Now I wonder if there's someone who has the capability to make mass quanties
of those modified marklands?  :)  I'd bet he'd need some folks to help him
make those extra crossbow bolts. ;)  Hummmmm, I wonder.........  ;)


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