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> Things I think we need to work on are the archers working closer in and in 
>  groups of 2 or 3 at least.  The groups with not as much experience need to 
>  have their fire directed so that it is effective by someone who knows who 
>  being killed would be more effective.  A good example would be....killing 
>  some of the hats first as apposed to getting a shot on a shieldman in the 
>  line (unless he has a hat or belt).  Some of the Dukes and the like are 
>  tremendous combat multipliers by themselves.


You have made some good points!  You may not know, but many archers (myself 
included) have physical problems that prohibit them from moving quickly on 
uneven ground.  I will get close if I have adequate defense (like Owen <g>).  
I have fought sword and shield in the past, but since I cannot move quickly, 
I cannot get into the front lines and risk someone falling on me (I'm small 
and crunch easily).

As far as killing hats/belts first... having watched and fought for many 
years, a spearman (in a melee) without a shieldman is a much easier target.  
Sometimes you have to knock out a shieldman to get at what's behind him.  

Sigen Northkeep
who will fight next year with new replacement armor!!
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