ANST - War and tactics

Sean Hertzberg s_hertzberg at
Tue Mar 20 08:49:21 PST 2001

Guy wrote:

>Things I think we need to work on are the archers working closer in and in
>groups of 2 or 3 at least.  The groups with not as much experience need to
>have their fire directed so that it is effective by someone who knows who
>being killed would be more effective.  A good example would be....killing
>some of the hats first as apposed to getting a shot on a shieldman in the
>line (unless he has a hat or belt).  Some of the Dukes and the like are
>tremendous combat multipliers by themselves.

This is something Iolo and I have talked about for a while.  The fact is, we 
do not have enough archers for true "Rain of arrows" volley fire.  But we 
could easily do "directed volley fire".  This would not work very well on 
the field battle, as the archers would quickly become targets for cav units, 
but in the fort battle...5 archers all saying "Aim for the big Duke in the 
red surcoat"...well, life would then not be very nice for that person.  And 
remember, Brass hats usually have lots of folks around them.  Collateral 
damage is very useful, too.

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